About Me

Hi I'm Stefan, I'm 20 and I'm living in Lille in the North of France

Stefan Speter

More about me

Since I was in middle school, IT has been a hobby of mine. I knew then that it was a passion i want to pursue.
Currently, my main focus is in web development and all around front-end. I do dabble with hardware from time to time.
I have a positive outlook in life, taking each experience whether good or bad, as a stepping stone for success.

Internship in Auchan, Croix

Network Intern for May - June 2017

During this internship at Auchan's head office, I've been in charge of maintaining the network (server) of the park of around 100 employees, assisting them with day-to-day logistics. Examples of tasks are: installing pre-configured windows, updating it etc. As soon as someone had a problem related to their computer/network, it was my job to fix it.
I also visited other sites for meetings with other developers and creating weekly reports.

Internship in Mumatic

Development Internship January - Feb 2018

In this internship , I focused mainly on web development.
I have been able to do my first a showcase website for a pharmacy, installed an IP telephony network using linux and GoAutoDial and finally an overview of the database mongoDB.

Volunteering Calgary Immigrant Educational Society

Teaching English during 2 months - January 2019

I went 2 months in Calgary, Canada to visit my girlfriend but also to discover myself a more.
Having a bilingual level in English, I decided to test my skills by teaching kids in english (level 2).
During this trip, I've made this website entirely.
This trip taught me how to live alone (cause it was the first time for me) in a foreign country, and it gave me the chance to think about my future plans both for professional and personal growth & development.